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Look, I get it: Baking your personal bread (or BYOB, because it shall now be recognized, since none of us are bringing any beer or booze wherever apart from from our kitchen to our sofa) looks as if a cool pastime. You get a sourdough starter, after which you’ll be able to brag about how the starter got here from a mom starter from an extremely charming bakery that is been open for the reason that 60s or no matter, and you then get to speak about feeding the starter as if it is some type of unique pet that solely the very privileged and really expert can attain and look after. At this level, sourdough starters are simply Sea Monkeys for adults, and I’ve already had Sea Monkeys, which my usually well-meaning mom by chance killed once I was eight—worst of all, earlier than their “Sea Diamonds,” which I used to be promised they’d “toss round like beachballs” and “‘study’ to climb up and experience them as in the event that they have been surfboards,” and their tantalizing Banana Deal with™ even arrived by way of mail order.

So I am not doing that once more, and I am not going to get into the sort of bread baking that leads you to obsessively publish seemingly similar boules of sourdough in your Instagram day after day, anticipating your followers to revel within the minute enhancements of their crusts or craters. Not even having seemingly infinite ~*~pandemic free time~*~, shifting into an condominium with a stacked double oven (its very presence taunting me to bake extra), or reintroducing massive portions of carbohydrates into my food plan can compel me to take action.

Nonetheless, there may be one other sort of quarantine baking that I do assist, and talking of Banana Deal with™, it’s that of banana bread, which requires NO silly starter, NO silly yeast, and YES all of the overripe bananas that you just already do not know what else to do with. And it would sound like I am tooting our (MUNCHIES’) horn by honing in on this specific banana bread recipe, however I guarantee you that it’s really, unequivocally, truly one of the best one on the market.

However why is it one of the best? Right here is an exhaustive checklist of causes:

  • It is extremely simple, like, an eight-year-old might make it.
  • It comes from Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen, who’s an absolute cooking and baking goddess and every part she makes is so good I am unable to consider so lots of her recipes can be found without spending a dime on her weblog.
  • The chocolate swirl, which is completely essential for individuals who wish to die face-first in a bath of Phish Meals, like me.
  • MOIST! MOIST MOIST MOIST. For those who hate that phrase, I am sorry, however there may be not a greater phrase for that great squishy doughiness that an ideal banana bread makes.
  • For those who’re like me, you are consistently overestimating your personal/want affinity for bananas, shopping for too many, after which watching them brown and decay in your kitchen counter earlier than your very eyes like an existential Chia pet. Here is the right method to make use of them up earlier than you must carry out the miserable job of admitting to your self that they’ve grow to be inedible, realizing that your private home is now infested with fruit flies, and throwing them within the rubbish.
  • Nearly inconceivable to fuck up. I’ve made it 20+ instances the correct method, but in addition many janky methods, together with with freezer-burned bananas that I carelessly froze in a in all probability non-airtight container and exhumed and caught within the batter like they have been a Neanderthal man found frostbitten on a Nepalese mountaintop and introduced right into a laboratory. I additionally as soon as used gluten-free flour as a substitute of all-purpose, as a result of that was all I had, and it nonetheless got here out fairly good!
  • You’ll be able to share it with individuals and they’ll completely adore it and beg for the recipe, and you may inform them that it was truly concocted by a particularly widespread meals blogger and is hosted on VICE’s highly regarded meals web site, however mentally they are going to nonetheless consult with it as “your” banana bread—”OMG, Hilary introduced her banana bread, it is one of the best!” And you’ll really feel barely responsible but in addition such as you’re a tremendous baker.
  • Look how beautiful the swirl is earlier than you bake it:

…and after, too!


Bookmark it. Like it. Take credit score for it. After which concede that neither you nor I got here up with it, and ship the hyperlink to your mates. However solely those who deserve it—it is that good.

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